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Biography & Memoirs

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  • Boy, Beak, Beyond, MereoBooks
  • Three Crossbows and a Lion Rampant
    Flying on the Ground
    Looking for the Rainbow
    Icecreams, Gasmasks and God
  • The Murmuring Shell of Time
    POG Weathering the Storm
    As Far As I Remember
    Science & Politics
    Roads Taken
  • Wing & Water
    What Price Success Cover
    The Dancing Debutante
    Thankful and Not so Thankful
    Tea & Me
    It's Hard to Believe
  • With Gun & Gown
    Who Am I?
    Who am I Really?
    White Velvet Boxes
    Where the Road Leads
  • What Can I Do?
    War Medic Hero
    Twisted Turban
    Travels on the Breadline
    They Let Me Out
    The Time of My Life
  • The Patriotic Art
    The Messenger
    The Grown-Ups Wouldn’t Like It
    The Flying Sportsman
    The Diary of Private AA Bridges
    The Crocodile's Teeth
  • The Chalkface & Beyond
    The Boy Who Learned to Read
    Thank You Mister Bosh, That’s Close Enough!
    Ten Bob an Hour
    Tallulah Tumour: friend or foe?
    Swimming Against the Tide
  • Starched Caps, Collars and Cuffs
    Shipwrecked in Paradise
    Seeking a New Voice
    Safeguard our Flank
  • Red Card - sport
    Pennies in the Grass
    Pawprints Through My Life
    One Civil Servant’s World War II
    Nothing Lasts Forever
  • Not a Complete Shambles
    Never Work with Children or Animals
    Microbes, Music and Me
    Merely Players
    Memoirs - Life's Rich Pattern
  • Life
    Kids from over the Water
    Journey Towards the Light
    James Lawrence Isherwood
    It's Yourself
    It's a Dog's Life for the Other Half
  • It Won't Always be Dark at Seven
    I Couldn't even Boil an Egg
    From Smuggling to Cotton Kings
  • Far From Plain Sailing
    Diary of a Village Boy
    Confessions of a Wrestler
    An Iranian at Home and Abroad
    A Quiet Authority
    Here's to our Far Flung Empire
  • Going for a Spin
    Four Poplars - Reverend Clifford Davies OBE
    Diary Of A Decorator - Colin Fairhurst-Douglas
    Country Ways
    Another Yin Oan A Wan Way Tickut - Brian Brown
  • An Ordinary Man
    A Pocket Full of Monkey-Nuts - Joyce Taylor
    A Lot Of Loose Ends - Roland Minor
    A Highly Successful Partnership - Mike Tanner
    A Glance In The Mirror - Terence Keary
    A Dockyard Apprentice's Story - Robert Smith
  • A Distance Travelled
    A Day In A Life - Janet Julings
    A Changing World
    A Centenarian Looks Back