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Self-publishing? we will help you edit, produce and publish your book properly.

  • Do you want your book to look as good as anything in the bookshops?

  • Do you want to be proud of the finished result?

  • Do you want the trade to take it seriously?

  • Do you want a book that potentially sells?

Then you need a publisher who will make a professional job of it. Today’s technology will allow you to self-publish a simple book for next to nothing, but if you want your book to make an impression, you need expert help. You’ve put a lot of hard work into your book – make it a success with Mereo.

 What our authors say about us.

“Your work is absolutely stunning! Love it!” – Gerardo Surzin, Forest Nymphs

I just want to say again how thrilled I am with the cover and artwork” – Linda Dodds, Blind Courage

“You’ve opened my eyes with the light of experience that you have shone on this book” – Paul Nichols, Sex, Celebrities and Spy Cameras

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