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  • Wolves Within

    Roshin and Shivon Sudesh – Wolves Within

    What really happened to  the mother Sathi never knew?

    This is absolutely gorgeous! I love the way your designer caught the essence of the book and transformed it into this design… The cover is really beautiful – way beyond our expectations. We instantly fell in love with the typesetting – the font and settings are just gorgeous, especially the chapter beginnings. I’m really glad we chose you guys to publish this, thank you so much! We really appreciate everything you’ve done, especially to turn it round in such record time!

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  • Going for a Spin

    Gordon Sharp – Going for a Spin

    The ups and downs of an aerospace doctor

    My thanks to Chris Newton of Memoirs Books for his patient unravelling of a wealth of information to produce an account which is far more coherent than I could have managed alone, and to Ray Lipscombe for his superb design. The quality and presentation are quite excellent and overall I am highly satisfied with the final outcome.

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  • The Five Hundred Year War

    Edward Tovey – The Five-Hundred Year War

    In the land where his ancestors fought before him, an English officer faces an agonising conflict

    The cover is stunning, absolutely on the nail! I am delighted with what you have produced. I have no comments – other than praise. Many thanks for all you have done so far. It has been a thoroughly worthwhile journey I am happy (no, very pleased!) with it.

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  • Barry Woodham – Star-Seed

    The Collective has spread its seed across the interstellar void, and now it has found intelligence…

    I have read through the improved manuscript and feel confident that all that needs to be done has been done. Brilliant piece of work! I looked at the book-jacket for ages and could not think of anything better.

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  • A Small House In France - Brenda Barrington

    Brenda Barrington – A Small House In France

    How an English couple turned a neglected French cottage, an acre of land and an orchard into a holiday retreat

    My sincere thanks to Chris Newton of Mereo for his excellent editing. This, along with his patience and encouragement, enabled me to produce a greatly improved manuscript. The book looks great and I am very pleased with it indeed. It would not have been possible without your assistance; I consider myself very lucky to have been involved with Mereo.

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  • God's Sorely Tested Child

    Marion Tymms – God’s Sorely-Tested Child

    The spiritual life of Annette von Droste-Hülshoff, with a translation of Das Geistliche Jahr

    As I drool over this lovely volume I cannot believe that this time last year it did not exist as a book at all. It could not have turned out better… everyone loves the look and feel of it. Your collaboration has made a difference greater than you can ever know, and I shall always be grateful for all you have done and the way you did it.

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  • Coming in to Land

    Victoria Williams – Granddaughter of Bill Malins, author of 'Coming In To Land'

    The memoirs of Wing Commander W E V Malins, DFC

    Chris Newton was the perfect choice of editor for my grandfather’s memoirs.  He transformed our text into a perfectly-organised and gripping read that retains the essence of my grandfather’s voice.  Chris was a pleasure to work with, always keeping me well-informed of his progress and responding quickly to any queries.

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  • Carry On Ambulance - Allan Dawson

    Allan Dawson – Carry on Ambulance

    A satirical look at ambulance antics from the sixties to the present day

    I would just like to say a big thank you to you and your team in helping me produce “Carry On Ambulance”. I have had very positive feedback and I would just like to say, if you want me to write any recommendation regarding your excellent work I would have no hesitation in doing so.

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  • The Butterfly's Cage

    Shahnaz Khari – The Butterfly's Cage

    One woman’s fight against family tyranny and marital abuse

    Hi Chris and Tony, I received the book yesterday! It’s great and I love it (even though I cry whenever I read it)! If I had put everything down that happened to me ‘The Butterfly’s Cage’ would have a million pages!!! Thank you so much.

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  • A Centenarian Looks Back

    Maggie Rigg – William Rigg

    A centenarian looks back

    A big thank you for turning what I thought was an OK script into something far more readable, professional and polished. It all looks smashing. I am thrilled to bits and I know my father will be so pleased to have it and show it off to his family and friends.

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  • It Starts with a Kiss - romantic

    S N Weddle – It Starts With A Kiss

    Yesterday she was a suicidal middle-aged housewife. Today she’s 21, with the looks of a goddess

    My thanks to the awesome Chris Newton and the dynamic team at Memoirs Publishing for turning my dream into reality. Now that’s magic.

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  • Jake Buchan – Blind Pursuit

    Someone robbed DCI John Steadman of his sight and murdered his wife – but they couldn’t kill his courage

    Memoirs’ work on my book was like taking a rough diamond to be expertly cut, polished and set. The final result exceeded all expectation – thank you.

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  • War Medic Hero

    Michael Naya – War Medic Hero

    A portrait of Sergeant Pierre Naya, Military Medal RAMC

    I have just this minute taken delivery of my book. It is amazing. A big thank you to you three. I am very proud of the finished item. I am in tears. Wonderful work performed by Memoirs Publishing!

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  • Pennies in the Grass

    Doreen Holt – Pennies in The Grass

    A reluctant immigrant learns to find happiness in Canada

    Thank you so much for the books, which came this morning.  I am truly delighted with the cover. Congratulations to the artist!

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  • Confessions of a Wrestler

    Martin Gillott – Confessions of a Wrestler

    The story of British wrestling legend Jackie ‘Glitterboy’ Evans

    I am over the moon with your results, you have done a fantastic job and I’m more than happy with the cover design.

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  • A Dockyard Apprentice's Story - Robert Smith

    Rob Smith – A Dockyard Apprentice’s Story

    Scrapes and japes on the long road to becoming a trained engineer

    I would like to convey my sincere thanks to you, Tony Tingle, Ray Lipscombe and your team for your most valued assistance in bringing my book to life. The result was just as I hoped. Well done indeed!

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  • The Time Project

    Kevin Adams – The Time Project

    When you travel through time, you can change your own history…

    I must admit that a tear came to my eyes when I saw my books, they are perfect. I couldn’t have wished for better. Thank you for all you have done.

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  • A Day In A Life - Janet Julings

    Janet Julings – A Day in The Life

    Life for Janet as a happily-married mother couldn’t have been better – until she developed severe multiple sclerosis

    I have to say the cover is beyond all my expectations. The design is so cleverly done. It makes me feel all emotional, and I wrote it!

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  • A House To Remember

    Edna Gammon – A House to Remember

    A fresh look at the notorious murders at 10 Rillington Place

    What a nice surprise in the post today, I almost cried. A moment in my life I will never forget. Thank you and all concerned for the hard work you have obviously put into my book. It looks and reads wonderfully and my late mother would have loved it.

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  • An Idiot and A Broad - Stephanie Hansell

    Stephanie Hansell – An Idiot and a Broad

    What happened when a Tyneside couple set out to spend six months exploring the far side of the world

    My book just fell on the mat and for the first ten minutes I could not read it for crying… I LOVE IT!

    Thanks so much, I will read and check it all and get it back to you ASAP.

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  • Gary & Nuala's Guide To Las Vegas and Beyond - Gary Archer

    Gary & Nuala’s Guide to Las Vegas and Beyond

    An invaluable guide for anyone planning a visit to Las Vegas and the surrounding area

    I thought I would to say a huge “THANK YOU” to you for helping Gary and myself to get our book published. When the book came through the door, I had tears of such joy and excitement.

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  • Charlie Mace and The Big Stink - Wendy Jackson

    Wendy Jackson – Charlie Mace and the Big Stink

    A magical woodland world where the Stink rules

    I’m blown away by the quality of the paper, print and cover. It’s been a pleasure working with you. Will be in touch about my next book soon.

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  • John Mann – Drugs For All Reasons

    Three entertaining novellas with a common theme

    What a fantastic job you have made of this! Thanks a million for such a superb conversion of my scientific tome into a much more readable book for a general readership.

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  • The Flying Sportsman

    Peter Minto – The Flying Sportsman

    The life and legacy of F N S Creek, a forgotten sporting hero

    I must thank you for your patience in dealing with my various questions, corrections, amendments etc and with your pleasant and thoroughly professional manner in guiding the book through to publication. I am delighted with it.

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  • Birch - Shadow of the Cat - George Alexanda

    George Alexanda – Birch, Shadow of the Cat

    When dark forces awaken, a magician and his nephew must take on the might of an evil tyrant

    I have to admit that the book cover design is striking and I congratulate your team on the result. In fact I wonder if you would like to republish my first novel?

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  • Shipwrecked in Paradise

    Julie Waterman – Shipwrecked in Paradise

    The true story of the cleaning lady who set out to sail around the world

    I could never have completed the manuscript without your endless patience and guidance. Thank you Chris!

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  • Catacombs Of The Dammed - PJ Cadavori

    P J Cadavori

    Those who would steal living bodies in the quest for eternal life

    I’m absolutely bowled over by the cover design… really fantastic! Thank you for all you’ve done.

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  • Cheating Death Twice

    Michael Page – Cheating Death Twice

    Confessions of a soldier

    My book has been produced very well, the front cover is brilliant, the back cover is excellent and the internal layout is none less than perfect… I must congratulate you on your achievements and thank you for your efforts upon my behalf.

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  • Adele Rickerby – The Promise I Kept

    A mother’s journey to save a child from the poverty and squalor of post-Cold War Romania

    My reaction when I saw the designs was, ”Oh my God, that looks amazing.”  I can’t believe that that is actually my story.

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  • Twice a Hero

    Phil Tomkins – Twice a Hero

    From the trenches of the Great War to the ditches of the Irish Midlands

    I would like to record a huge vote of thanks to you and your staff for your excellent service, the quality of the book and its cover, which is commented on almost daily, and for your personal attention, at all times, to my needs and the promotion of the book. With three more books in the pipeline I don’t have to look too far for a publisher.

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  • Sir Harold Atcherley – Prisoner of Japan

    A personal war diary, Singapore, Siam and Burma, 1941-1945

    I think my war diary ‘Prisoner of Japan’  has been excellently designed, produced and printed. I am so pleased.

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  • The Grown-Ups Wouldn’t Like It

    Delia Despair – The Grown-Ups Wouldn’t Like It

    Adventures in several countries and many languages

    I want to say a big thank to you both, you’ve been brilliant, and I’m really delighted.   You’ve been so wonderful, with the editing and all the photos and everything.

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  • Islam and the West

    Mohammed Jabbar – Islam and the West

    Throwing new light on the one of the greatest issues facing the world today

    I would like to confirm that I have received copies of the books today. It was wonderful to see the final product and it was everything I expected. I would like to thank you for your cooperation and patience in dealing with my queries promptly.

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  • Richard Morris – Iron in the Blood

    Four decades on the railways, from graduate trainee to managing director

    It looks great – fantastic job, thanks. I am delighted, and very grateful for your ingenuity and assistance.

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  • Never Work with Children or Animals

    John Stirling – Never Work With Children or Animals

    A story of life at the top of the entertainment business

    Memoirs did a marvellous job of bringing my story to life. Chris Newton managed to rearrange my troubled and long-winded ramblings so that they made sense.

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  • It's Yourself

    Susan Potter – It's Yourself

    A life in and out of children’s nursing in the UK and overseas

    From my first contact with Memoirs, Chris Newton was unfailingly professional and helpful in assisting me to achieve my aim, always promptly answering my many queries and doubts, making positive and constructive suggestions and comments.  The finished book looks excellent, all I had imagined and more.

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  • Four Poplars - Reverend Clifford Davies OBE

    Sarah Sayers – Four Poplars

    Childhood memories of a Norfolk man who became a Royal Naval chaplain

    Tony, you are a genius.  I love the new jacket.  It is magnificent and such a fantastic tribute to a very special father.

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  • Butterfly Porcupine

    Susan Francis – Butterfly Porcupine & Two Versions of the Same Song

    A story of the journey from adolescence to adulthood

    I have read the edited version of the novel and, once again, you have done a wonderful job correcting my grammar and smoothing out the rough edges.

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  • Peter Randall – Funny Old Game

    A novel of soccer, time travel and endless youth

    I am really pleased with everything… thank you for doing such a great job with this, the first full novel I have ever completed.

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  • Jeanne de Ferranti – The Journey that Never Was

    Around the world in a Mini in the early 1960s

    I really appreciate all the work you did – so many incorrectly placed commas and lack of dashes joining up words. I compared the two texts all the way through and hope that I have learnt something… I am sincerely grateful for Chris’ sense of humour, patience and editorial expertise in producing this book.

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  • Anna Skye – Out of the Red

    Spanked for Profit and Pleasure

    I am sincerely grateful to Chris Newton from Memoirs Publishing for his sense of humour, patience and editorial expertise in producing this book.

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  • The Dancing Debutante

    Elfrida Eden Fallowfield – The Dancing Debutante

    Adventures On and Off the Stage

    From my nervous beginnings, with the help and encouragement I received from Memoirs Publishing, a book has been produced that is as much admired for its perfect professional presentation as it is, happily, for its contents! Thank you Chris, Tony and Ray.

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  • From The Wounds Of Love - Harry Harefield

    James Jack – From the Wounds of Love

    A personal collection of poetry about love won and lost

    Both cover illustrations are fantastic. I will have trouble choosing one. Thank you for doing such a great job.

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  • Jim Lee – Dunster, A Castle At War

    A journey through 900 years of savage and colourful history centred on one of the greatest of English castles

    Wow! what a full on, in-your-face attacking cover… excellent Chris… brilliant – Jim

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  • Roads Taken

    Alan Young – Roads Taken

    Memoir of an academic Englishman’s adventures in East Africa

    I’m quite stunned by the cover. It’s beautifully done and a very insightful reflection upon the contents of the book… the maps are just what I’d hoped for, very simple and very clear… very pleased and very excited by what your designer has done… I’m extremely pleased with how everything looks. It’s a splendid cover, and I like the interior design, choice of font, etc.

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  • Wing & Water

    Jane Wilson – On Wing and Water

    The life of Leslie R Colquhoun, Second World War hero, test pilot and hovercraft pioneer

    I just want to say a big ‘thank you’ for all your help and patience – the end product is more than I expected. I think my children are quite impressed!

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  • Tortured Love

    Michael Khatkar – Tortured Love

    A raw and disturbing novel of death, life, suffering and creation

    Memoirs Publishing is highly recommended in a world where there is a maze of publishing companies that promise so much but tend to deliver little. I found their approach, professional, direct and honest. Chris Newton’s input into my book was not only priceless but it also taught me some valuable lessons about writing & publishing. Don’t get lost in the publishing maze when Memoirs Publishing have so much to offer.

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  • Up the Creek Without a Tadpole

    Gill Griffith – Up the Creek Without A Tadpole

    Dementia shatters and rebuilds the bond between a mother and a daughter

    It is all fine. I am absolutely over the moon. You have even achieved my favourite colour on the cover… stunning.

    Click here to view the book

  • Rachel Vogeleisen – Women Who Served

    Testimonials by women who served in World War Two

    These are so nice! It will be hard to choose, I am ecstatic over the work you’ve done, it is a million times better than what I was trying to achieve!… I love the layout, it looks very professional and elegant, I love the font as well. I am very, very pleased with the work.

    Click here to view the book

  • Cleft Chin Murder

    Edna Gammon – A Fatal Pickup

    The brutal wartime murder that shocked two nations

    Edna is over the moon and you have done a great job Chris. She gives you 500 stars… Wow! You hit the jackpot! The jacket is fab. Please pass our thanks to all the team.

    Click here to view the book

  • Robert Lawton – Riding the Wind

    The life of A O Lewis-Roberts, a pilot who served his country in two world wars

    I’m delighted, they look very professional and give one a feeling of achievement which I expect you are familiar with. Thank you for all your generous help.

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  • Shadows at Sunset

    Roger Munro – Shadows at Sunset

    Tales of fear, fate and foreboding

    I must compliment you on all your excellent editing, which I think has improved my stories considerably. I am delighted with each and every one of them and with all your title changes.  The story threads are now much more readable and will doubtless be much more enjoyable to the reader following your superb contribution. I couldn’t have asked for better… I think the cover design artwork is fabulous and so atmospheric – it couldn’t be better.

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  • Sandy Sanderson – Intake 131

    Nineteen weeks as a Rhodesian army officer cadet

    I am absolutely blown away with your last submission. The cover is brilliant and I can’t thank you and your designer enough for your efforts to make it so.

    Click here to view the book

  • Sheila Bell – Path of the Moonlight

    The memoirs of a sailor’s wife

    Thank you very much for the two edited versions of POTM.  You have done an absolutely splendid job… I think the layout of the book is marvellous. I am as pleased as punch with it all.

    Click here to view the book

  • Icecreams, Gasmasks and God

    Joyce M Lovely – Ice Cream, Gasmasks and God

    A young girl grows up on Merseyside in the war years

    A BIG thanks, both for all your work on the editing – all of it gratefully received – and your fast response… I LOVE the cover design. I had something in mind, but what you have done is so much better. Whoever designed this, thank you so very much!

    Click here to view the book

  • Micheline Scarlett – I’m Still Here Mum

    The story of Royce Scarlett, a young man who lived too fast and died too soon

    Hello, just thought I would let you know that everyone loves the book, the cover is brilliant. Big thank you to you and Tony for getting it out in time.

    Click here to view the book

  • Marcia Rudd – The White Wicker Chair

    Short stories about women facing the big issues of life

    Thank you for doing such a good job with my stories, I am delighted with them. I cannot wait to share them with my family and friends. It has been a pleasure working alongside you.

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  • Eddie Thompson – Poetry Lite

    Verses about life

    Poetry Lite has arrived and it is terrific. Thank you for your work, I’m really pleased with it.

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  • Robina Hutchison – The World Under the Wood

    Hidden beneath the tree roots was a magical world…

    Thank you, I think you have done a brilliant job with my book, I cannot thank you enough.

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  • Stuart McCabe – Let The Wolves Devour

    War, religion and espionage during the minority of Mary Queen of Scots, 1542-1560

    The book cover is amazing. Really powerful and creative… I really like the narrative on the back cover. Great work!

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  • Ian Oliver – Delayed Reaction

    An anthology of desire

    I am very appreciative of your text suggestions and editing – really helpful. As for the front cover – absolutely fantastic. When I reflected on an apt cover, I must admit I was scratching my head… But just having that seductive face and the shadowy background makes perfect sense. Really loved it.

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  • Angela Conrad – Two Brothers, One Journey

    The loving, courageous struggles of an ‘autism mom’

    I got the book and have looked it over. I just LOVE it!!

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  • Bob Reid – White Light, Red Fire

    My first novel “White Light Red Fire” has recently been published by the team at Mereo Books. Toni has been a great help through the publication phase and advising me on how to get the book noticed by the wider public. Chris Newton was a fantastic support as my editor, gently guiding a first time author and more importantly full of encouragement to keep working on the manuscript to ensure it was as good as it could possibly be. Ray designed a fantastic cover for the book which very accurately reflects the essence of the story and all viewers of the supporting video on Amazon have simply said – “wow”. A fabulous job and my grateful thanks to all the team at Mereo Books”

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  • Guy Warner – A Voyage Down the Years

    I came across Mereo Books by chance when I was looking for a publisher for my autobiography, as I saw on the internet that they specialised in memoirs. They have exceeded my expectations in all respects. The introductory information was detailed, comprehensive and accurate. The contract terms were fair with no unexpected charges. What I found particularly valuable was the frank advice and assistance given freely by the Editor-in-Chief Chris Newton. His extensive experience in the field showed and he answered all my emails with attention and consideration. Mereo Books were able to handle the large number of photographs I wanted inserted in the text and the numerous alterations I needed. I would urge prospective authors to study the prior information and advice provided with care and attention, especially the need to organise any independent marketing envisaged at least three months before publication.I am very pleased with the final product, ‘A Voyage down the Years’, which has been commented on favourably for both its content and presentation. Mereo Books are highly recommended. Guy Warner March 2021

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