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Surgeon in the Raw

by David Jackson

A no-punches-pulled account of a top surgeon’s life at the battlefront and on the NHS front line.

As a young surgeon, David Jackson left a promising NHS hospital career to pursue challenge, travel and adventure with the British Army. He soon got plenty of all three. He served on the surgical front line in Northern Ireland, the Falkland Islands and Bosnia and found himself dealing with the worst horrors and tragedies of war, looking after soldiers with appalling, often fatal, injuries and using all the skills at his disposal to save lives and limbs. The fact that he never lost his sense of humour, despite a sometimes harrowing personal life, comes over clearly in this colourful, moving and often very entertaining book.

This memoir, written as it was as events happened, contains strong language, images of violence and surgery, and sexual themes.



“His service as an army sawbones included service in Northern Ireland, the Falklands, and Bosnia….much of considerable interest” (The Battlefields Trust)

“Kept my attention rivetted….raw with emotion, wry sense of humour” (Military, Friends of Millbank)

“…the horrors of working in makeshift military surgical units…,,the pain and despair the breakdown of a marriage can inflict” (Mid Wales and Shropshire Journal)

“Enthralling and hard to put down” (Intelligence and National Security Journal)

“Saving lives and escaping death in wars and conflicts across the globe…..(Cambrian News)

“… nothing short of jaw-dropping … one wonders how Jackson coped with it all …. A work of exceptional depth, clarity and, surprisingly, humour … an enormously absorbing read that will stay with you for a long time.” (Stretton Focus, April 2021)

Published: 1 October 2020
Pages: 577
ISBN: 978-1-86151-966-5
Size: 229 x 152
Price: £20.00
Format: Paperback

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