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Self Help & Motivational

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  • Up the Creek Without a Tadpole
    Isolated World
    The Dancing Debutante
  • Zodiac Guide
    Wounded Rangers
    Who Am I?
    Who am I Really?
    White Velvet Boxes
  • Where the Road Leads
    When Everything Else Fails
    What Can I Do?
    War Medic Hero
    Twisted Turban
    Travels on the Breadline
  • They Let Me Out
    The Water Realm
    The Price of Trust
    The Other Round Table
    The Man God Made
    The Family Who Are Living Their Dreams
  • The Crocodile's Teeth
    The Chalkface & Beyond
    The Butterfly's Cage
    The Boy Who Learned to Read
    The Blood of Jesus as a Weapon
    Ten Bob an Hour
  • Tallulah Tumour: friend or foe?
    Starched Caps, Collars and Cuffs
    Snakes & Scorpions
    Shipwrecked in Paradise
    Selected Poems
    Seeking a New Voice
  • Roscroggan
    Red Card - sport
    Random Reflections
    Pragmatic Karate
    Never Work with Children or Animals
    Midnight Train to Siberia
  • Making Friends with Money
    Love in the Midst of Grief
    Journey Towards the Light
    It Won't Always be Dark at Seven
    Immortality for You
  • How To Win in Business
    How to Live the Life You Deserve
    How to Learn English Quickly Grammar
    Don't Let Me Cry
    Cheating Death Twice
    Do You Need A Financial Adviser - Mark Nind
  • A Small House In France - Brenda Barrington