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Self Help & Motivational

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  • Up the Creek Without a Tadpole
    Isolated World
  • The Dancing Debutante
    Zodiac Guide
    Wounded Rangers
    Who Am I?
    Who am I Really?
  • White Velvet Boxes
    Where the Road Leads
    When Everything Else Fails
    What Can I Do?
    War Medic Hero
  • Twisted Turban
    Travels on the Breadline
    They Let Me Out
    The Water Realm
    The Price of Trust
    The Other Round Table
  • The Man God Made
    The Family Who Are Living Their Dreams
    The Crocodile's Teeth
    The Chalkface & Beyond
    The Butterfly's Cage
    The Boy Who Learned to Read
  • The Blood of Jesus as a Weapon
    Ten Bob an Hour
    Tallulah Tumour: friend or foe?
    Starched Caps, Collars and Cuffs
    Snakes & Scorpions
    Shipwrecked in Paradise
  • Selected Poems
    Seeking a New Voice
    Red Card - sport
    Random Reflections
    Pragmatic Karate
  • Never Work with Children or Animals
    Midnight Train to Siberia
    Making Friends with Money
    Love in the Midst of Grief
    Journey Towards the Light
    It Won't Always be Dark at Seven
  • Immortality for You
    How To Win in Business
    How to Live the Life You Deserve
    How to Learn English Quickly Grammar
    Don't Let Me Cry
  • Cheating Death Twice
    Exploring The Nevis Range and Mamores, Scotland - James Barnet
    Do You Need A Financial Adviser - Mark Nind
    A Small House In France - Brenda Barrington