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Adventure, Crime & Horror

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  • Shadows at Sunset
    H is for Hell
    The Merlin Destiny
    Into the Ether
    Zombies Invasion Britain
  • Wolves Within
    Ultimate Ride
    Twice a Hero
    The White Queen of Middleham historical
    The Time Project
    The Pegasus Adventure
  • The Messenger
    The Merlin Legacy
    The Kick Down Girls
    The Goddess Virgo
    The Five Hundred Year War
    The Elf War
  • The Cloth Elephant
    The Chessman Enigma
    Should I forgive?
    Operation Dolby - true-crime
    Once a Soldier
  • Molock's Wand
    Lottie and the Land of Dofstram - The Battle for Dofstram
    Lottie and the Land of Dofstram
    Judas Goat
    An Iranian at Home and Abroad
  • Grillos
    Genesis Search
    Genesis Debt
    Genesis 3 - science
    Genesis 2
    Death On The Home Straight - Iris Penn
  • Crisis In Columbia - Bryan Marlowe
    Catacombs Of The Dammed - PJ Cadavori
    Black Hatted Cowboys - Bryan Marlowe
    Bird Brain Super Eagle - Karen Prentice
    Birch - The Beginning - George Alexanda
  • A Pecurliarly English Education - Raymond Mitchell-Heggs