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The Girl in the Night by Mereo Books

by S N Weddle

Everybody Wants A Piece Of Miss Caro, But Somebody Wants Her Dead…

Caroline Kennedy, or Miss Caro as she is known to her listeners, is a curvaceous southern belle whose full-on phone-in show on an English radio station has won her countless fans – and a few enemies. When she discovers that someone out there mistakenly thinks she has the key to a plot which threatens Western civilisation – and is prepared to kill her for it – she is forced to go on the run. She will need her curves, her nerve and a lot of quick thinking, as well as a lot of luck and the help of a crazy Polish trucker and a teenage boy with extraordinary talents (and muscles in all the right places), to escape a fate that just wouldn’t be seemly for a well-brought-up gal from Atlanta, Georgia, the capital of the Deep South.


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Published: 1 March 2019
Pages: 292
ISBN: 978-1-86151-916-0
Size: 203 x 127
Price: £6.00
Format: Paperback

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Barnes and Noble, Amazon.co.uk, Waterstones, Amazon.com, WH Smiths, Google Books