Perhaps! If it is truly original, topical, funny, sexy, shocking, enlightening, moving or inspiring – the sort of book that gets talked about – it may sell hundreds or even thousands of copies, particularly if people start recommending it to their friends and posting enthusiastic reviews on line, or if you are very well known. But please don’t assume that just because your book is out there, people will buy it. The book market is overcrowded and extremely competitive (something like a quarter of a million books a year are now being published in the UK alone, and Amazon lists over six million titles). As a publisher we cannot be responsible for the number of sales your book achieves, as we do not control what the bookshops choose to stock or the media decide to review and recommend.

Your book is very unlikely to sell in any quantity without investment in promotion. Accordingly we do advise you to use the promotion and PR services we recommend (at additional cost) if sales are important to you and your book is suitable (see the Sales & Marketing page).