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The Legend of Buratai by Mereo Books

by General Tukur Yusuf Buratai

The Legend of Buratai Volume 2 is the enthralling true life story in his own words of General Tukur Yusuf Buratai, the Chief of Staff of the Nigerian Army, who rose to legendary status by dint of
hard work, bravery, diligence, excellence and honesty. His journey through life is presented as an exemplary story for all who would aspire to follow his path.

“A fascinating book with a nice mix of military tactics and important life lessons from the mind of one of Nigeria’s most notable military strategists” – Susan Keillor, LSW, MBA,
freelance editor and writer.

“An unbelievable masterpiece, rich in history… children who read this will wish they had met General Buratai in person. This book is capable of reawakening patriotism to our fatherland.” –
Moses A. Uyang, author and humanitarian.

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Published: 1 May 2021
Pages: 280-
ISBN: 9781861519153
Size: 229 x 152
Price: £18.00
Format: Paperback

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