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Penguin Diplomacy by Mereo Books

by June Roberts

Brian Birley Roberts (1912-1978) was acknowledged among the polar community in his time as Britain’s foremost expert on the Antarctic, and was the main driving force behind the Antarctic Treaty which has protected the region for the past 60 years. A scientist of enormous determination and dedication, he devoted much of his life to the protection of wilderness and wildlife. Yet he was a self-effacing man who preferred to avoid the limelight. Largely because of this, to the outside world he is almost unknown.

The authors are Steve Heavens and June Roberts, Brian’s niece, who have researched numerous unpublished archives, including Brian Roberts’ own detailed, extensive and often very entertaining diaries.

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Published: 1 July 2020
Pages: 484
ISBN: 978-1-86151-963-4
Size: 229 x 152
Price: £18.50
Format: Paperback

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