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The Voice Revealed by Mereo Books™

by Ashley Kirkham

This book is about the craft of vocalising, with a particular reference to singing. Its aim is to give information, insight and inspiration ranging from the simple and practical through to the invisible
and intangible.

It is written for students delving for the first time into the craft of singing, for those who are seeking deeper and more spiritual connections and for musicians, teachers, performers, actors and anyone who wishes to know.

It is so important for you as a vocalist to remember that the best that you can be is already inside you. It is unfortunately wrapped in the complexities of being ‘you’. For this reason, every emotion, perception and belief may manifest into your vocal production. The task therefore is to discover how to understand yourself to such a degree that your voice will be revealed to you as a consequence of peeling away your packaging: hence the title, “The Voice Revealed”.

Published: December 2019
Pages: 128
ISBN: 978-1-86151-948-1
Size: 203 x 127
Price: £10
Format: Paperback

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