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Packed full of hints and tips by a professional editor of around 1000 books. 250 pages of common mistakes, bad grammar, poor dialogue, badly thought out plots and indifferent story lines.

How NOT to Write a book: 200 mistakes to avoid at all costs if you ever want to get published. There’s a whole industry set up for those writing books and offer sound advice on how to write well. This is not one of those books. On the contrary, this is a collection of terrible, awkward, and laughably unreadable excerpts that will teach you what to avoid – at all costs if you ever want your novel published.

“What do you think of my fiction writing?” the aspiring novelist asked. “Well,” the editor replied, in turn. “I can’t publish your novel in the state that it’s in! It is full of what we in the business call ‘really awful writing.'” “But how can I improve the story line? I’ve already read just about every book available on how to write well and get published!” The writer replied. “It might help,” said the editor, helpfully, “to think about how NOT to write a novel, so you might avoid the very thing!”

In ‘How Not to Write a Book’, editor Chris Newton and publisher Antonia Tingle distil their 30 years combined experience in publishing, editing, writing, marketing and reviewing fiction to bring you real advice from the other side of the query letter.

Rather than telling you how or what to write, they identify the 200 most common mistakes unconsciously made by writers and teach you to recognise, avoid, and amend them.

With hilarious “bad examples” to demonstrate each manuscript-mangling error, they’ll help you troubleshoot your beginnings and endings, bad guys, love interests, style, story line, dialogue and more!